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Nancy's Interview on The Hill and Dale Show at latalkradio.com July 18, 2012

Sanderson, Vicky, "Gardeners prepare to hoe and sew," Toronto Star, April 13, 2012. Includes 2 paragraphs about Minnie Rose's Recipe for Raising Chickens

Even in the Wind, 
Even in the Dark
Collected Poems by Bob McAllister 1971-2010 

Photographs by Joel Sackett, now available from NW Trillium Press

Read "Poetry is magic for 'Mad Priest' McAllister," by Connie Mears, Bainbridge Review, March 3, 2011


Read three poems about chickens and Minnie Rose:  


Jan Cohen, "Keep Them   Happy," Said Minnie Rose Lovgreen"


Erik Petterson, "Zen and Raising Chickens in a Motorcycle Sidecar Moving 100 MPH"


Nancy Rekow, "Minnie Rose Lovgreen, 1887-1975"
Blogs, Articles,

Maxa, Christine, "How to Raise a Brood of Chickens...in Your Back Yard," January, 2012

Lieske, Cyndi, "Parting Legacy," in The Chicken Keepers, Chickens Magazine, Hobby Farms Magazines, January/February 2012, pp. 64-65. 
Hamel, Mallory, "What Are You, Chicken?" Standard Magazine, Standard Issue 7, Fall Harvest, 2011. Seeing MRL's Recipe for Raising Chickens inspired Mallory Hamel to  look at 5 innovative ideas for chicken coops from Holland, Portland (OR), Seattle, Santa Barbara, and VintageGardenGal.com.

Audio Interview with Nancy Rekow by Doris Jeanette on her "Live at the Edge" Radio Show," July, 2011

Chandler, Jeri Lynn, “Raising happy backyard chickens with advice from Minnie Rose Lovgreen,” examiner.com, San Francisco, June 28, 2011

Review and Giveaway, The Royal Family Blog, June 15, 2011. Win copy ofMRL's Recipe for Raising Chickens.

Clarke, Paul, "Minnie Rose Lovgreen's Recipe for Rearing Chickens," review, School of Sustainability blog, England, June1, 2011

Thanks to Merrill Baum for her mention in Milwaukee Organic Food Examiner.

Nair, Lindsay, Review of Recipe for Raising Chickens, plateup.roanoke.com, March 2, 2011.

McCausland, Jim, "Want to raise some chickens? Minnie Rose Lovgreen shows the way," Fresh Dirt blog, November 23, 2010, Sunset Magazine

 For Raising Chickens: Your Homegrown Egg Recall Solution In Book Form," LA Weekly,September 2, 2010

  "Living on Earth," the NPR program,  recently spoke with Nancy Rekow about Minnie Rose Lovgreen. This interview was 

 of July 23-24. Click here for Nancy's segment. Click here to listen to the complete program.

KUOW Presents: "Minnie Rose's  Wisdom, "June 5, 2010:  Interview with Nancy Rekow , Seattle, WA, Public Radio

"Memories of Minnie Rose Lovgreen,"
Hockwold Magazine, 
May, 2010  
(pages 3 & 13)  
Hockwold, Norfolk, UK

MaryJanesFarm Magazine article about Recipefor Raising Chickens

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Read reviews in Bainbridge Island Review and Kitsap Sun

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                   "...a book that I can't live without...."
                    Victoria  Project Homestead blog, July 29, 2010
"...a priceless present to chicken lovers everywhere."
Watch Today's Green Minute with Jim Parks,
        "Minnie's Chickens."
   It's great fun.
Thanks, Jim!

  Minnie Rose Lovgreen's Story

In 1912, a young English country-woman named Minnie Rose Enefer booked passage on the Titanic, but fortunately then grew restless and sailed on a ship leaving earlier. Eventually she moved to Bainbridge Island, WA, where she married Danish Leo Lovgreen.  Together, with their 2 sons, they ran a thriving 170-acre dairy farm on Bainbridge for 30 years.

Minnie Rose, a chicken lover and gifted storyteller, had always wanted to write a book on raising chickens, but was always too busy.  Then in Nov., 1974, soon after her 86th birthday, she was diagnosed with cancer. Her friend Nancy Rekow took the ferry into Seattle, appeared in her hospital room with a tape recorder, and said, "Minnie Rose, now we're going to write your book." And they did.

For days, in that hospital room, Nancy listened and tape-recorded Minnie's wise words, then transcribed the tapes, edited and hand-lettered the entire text, enlisted their friend and neighbor, Elizabeth Hutchison, to illustrate the book, and self-published a 1st edition of 1,000 copies that sold out in a month.

"I was busy with four young children, so didn't have time to reprint and go on publishing the book," Nancy says. In May, 1975, she took the book to Seattle where Pacific Search Press agreed to print a 2nd edition of 20,000 copies. (That 2nd Edition has now been out of print for many years.)

Meanwhile in May, 1975, Minnie Rose celebrated the book's 2nd Edition with an autograph party and also  appeared on King TV.  She died that same year, pleased to know that her chicken-raising advice was reaching thousands of people across the country.

Illustrations:  Because Nancy and Elizabeth, the illustrator, had little time to put the book together that cold spring, they had to improvise--especially Elizabeth. To draw fighting roosters when she owned only one, she set up a mirror under her barn, then drew the rooster fiercely battling  his own reflection. For the dust-bath illustration, she dried the soggy Northwest mud under the barn with a heat lamp and drew the chickens happily taking dust baths.

Click for more of Minnie Rose's story in her own words. For her complete life story, read Far As I Can Remember: An Immigrant Woman's Story, 1888-1975

  Nancy Rekow (top) recorded and hand-lettered Minnie Rose Lovgreen's Recipe for Raising Chickens. Elizabeth Hutchison Zwick (bottom), another of Minnie's friends, illustrated and designed it. Elizabeth recently visited us on Bainbridge Island (on the way to Alaska) from her home in southern Oregon  Elizabeth is a graphic designer who has designed and illustrated numerous books. Wonderful to see her! See her beautiful cover for Shadowchaser of the Siskiyous by Kim Zwemer-Margulis, illustrated by Elizabeth Zwich. Order this book from Amazon. Look at another of Elizabeth's pages in this book.


We recently discovered this charcoal drawing done in the 1960s by an artist friend of Minnie Rose Lovgreen, Shirley Parrish. If you'd like to see an enlargement, click on the picture. We hope to have more information about the artist soon.






Far As I Can Remember: An Immigrant 
Woman's Story, 1888-1975
Read some excerpts.Read more.


We are pleased to offer Recipe for
Raising Chickens T-Shirts with
illustrations from the book on front and 
back. Click for more information and orders. PRICE REDUCED!

Readers' Comments

"Minnie Rose Enefer/Lovgreen’s life story, told in her down-to-earth style, is an amazing tale of a Victorian girl’s journey from a small English village to life in the New World….heartwarming…beautiful….will leave readers feeling they have made a new friend in Minnie Rose." 
~Pam Griffin, North Shropshire Chronicle, UK
"Reading this book is more than reading words. It’s like hearing a voice in your ear and mind that remains long after the pages end….Minnie Rose lives in these pages with all her homespun wit, courage and wisdom." 
~Bob McAllister, Professor of English, Olympic College, WA
"….astonishing detail….extraordinary storytelling gifts. For Minnie Rose Lovgreen, ‘far as I can remember’ is a very long way indeed."
~Kathleen Thorne, Adult Program Coord., Kitsap Regional Library, WA
"It is one thing researching ancestors from censuses and certificates, but quite another to hear their stories direct. Miinie Rose Enefer/Lovgreen is sadly no longer with us....she has left us a story of a poor country girl who through sheer determination made something of her life....in her own words, the book brings to life an incredible woman who can only be described as a unique character, perhaps the sort of character that sadly no longer exists. She understates both her hardships and achievements, but her quick fire mind and quaint turn of phrase make her story both engaging and inspirational.... makes me proud of my surname--I just only wish I can live up to it."
~Andy Enefer, distant relative of Minnie Rose, Verwood, Dorset, UK
unique life experience kept me enchanted for hours....and her thoughts have stayed with me."
~Trude Lisagor, author of Small Things: Words from my namesake
"….testament to what good health and a strong back could earn a British immigrant in 1915…." 
~Kathleen Alcala, author of Treasures in Heaven
"Warm, funny, and wise....Minnie Rose Lovgreen’s story is the story of the American immigrant experience….bringing such rich history to the printed page." 
~Rebecca Judd, Branch Manager, Bainbridge Public Library

  More Articles, Blogs, and Interviews

"Five books to read after checking the egg recall list," by Rebekah Denn, Chapter & Verse blog, August 23, 2010,  Christian Science Monitor

"CSM taps Minnie Rose Lovgreen" by Jamie Passaro, Northwest Book Lovers: Local and Independent News and Views, Northwest Reprints, August 26, 2010. 

Thanks to Jamie, and to Thom Chambliss, Executive Director, Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association

Today's Green Minute, a Video by Jim Parks. Jim created a clever and entertaining YouTube video about MRL's Recipe for Raising Chickens. Take a minute to watch it!  

Listen to Minnie Rose's Voice

Bob Tanem's Interview on
     "In the Garden" with Nancy Rekow 
       KSFO 560 Radio, San
       Francisco, July 11 , 2010

Elfendahl, Gerry,  Minnie Rose

Bainbridge Island Japanese-American Exclusion Memorial Dedicated on August 




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